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A new website…..& winter I’m over you….

Happy Monday guys….I worked hard last week on my new site and it’s finally up! A few kinks are getting worked out now, but I’m pretty happy with it! In other news…..I’m not digging the cold any longer. I don’t like it, I need warmth….like stat! So, in hopes for warmer, brighter, greener days……here’s a […]

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My latest Obsession

Well we made it through another week friends! Happy Friday! I will be spending my weekend painting…..again. haha! Y’all my DIY spirit is slowly starting to get beat down. I don’t know about you, but I start projects and think it’s a great idea, because generally it is something that would function better or look […]

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The holidays & being sequestered

Hi friends! Just wanted to pop in and say “hi” and let you know what’s been happening around this joint!  I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season! I just got out of being sequestered for what seemed like eternity! No phone, no internet, no t.v., no news, no….nothing! You have a guard with […]

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A little random update

Happy Wednesday! I hope you had a lovely Easter. Let me just start off with something really random & saying that um….I SOLD my house!! Amazing- I know, I try not to talk about a ton of personal stuff on here all the time, but I’m just so darn excited about it, I just had […]

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