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Anna + Andy

Testing…..testing…..and I just blew a big ole pile of dust off this little blog.

Well after a much needed break from social media & the web, I finally feel refreshed and ready to post again, share again, etc. Sometimes when I get super overwhelmed, I have to just be by my lonesome & get stuff done so I don’t have a meltdown. And other times, I realize my children have worn the same clothes for 3 days in a row (okay, I’m exaggerating slightly but you know what I mean) & I have a “I’M THE WORST MOM ON THE PLANET” meltdown… there’s always a delicate balance. I’ve made some adjustments this year, that should allow me more time to do the things that I truly love and let go of the things that I don’t……okay, that’s enough of that…..moving on!

I have quite a few shoots to post (weddings, engagements, other miscellaneous), so just hang tight for the next few days….as my husband calls it, I “binge blog”….it’s like I suddenly realize how much I miss this little blog & decide to post everything I have done for the past 6 months all at one time….yeah, so that’s about to happen, brace yourself.

Anna & Andy…..they are just precious….I had the best time photographing them! They were so chill & I always feel so blessed being able to do what I do & meet the best people.