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JoBeth & Adam

Hello friends! I know, it’s been way too long, but I have soooo much good content coming your way now that it’s September and we’re in full swing! Surprisingly, these past 2 months have been very, very busy compared to last year and I’m soooo thankful for that.

First up, I wanted to share with you JoBeth & Adams lovely wedding. I adored working with these two families beyond what my words can express. Their day was filled with so much love and laughter…..and guys there is sooooo many photos from this amazing wedding, this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. In addition, we’ll have a beautiful video to share soon with you very very soon. Have a gorgeous weekend….



dianne breakstone - So Beautiful!! thanks for sharing!

Things that happened over the weekend

I hope y’all had a lovely weekend. We did for the most part. Casey went on a “mancation”…..and the kids and I managed to survive, but barely. I don’t know why, but whenever Casey heads out-of-town, the craziest stuff happens. It’s like he’s the glue holding everything together, he’s the chef so we don’t starve, the bug killer, and the list goes on and on. The first night he was out-of-town, I ate sushi & went shopping (spent WAY too much money, I mean…no I didn’t Casey? ha!). The second day, I managed to burn eggo pancakes in the microwave, the smell is permanant…..just don’t ask, it was a horrible experience…..I’m talking smoke & flames people. Yes I did that. It’s horrible. Moving ON. That evening a weird cat came to the door and it was SO UNBELIEVABLY loud it woke me up ….next morning I was a complete zombie, I might as well have just got up brewed some coffee, invited the thing inside, sat together on the couch & turned into a crazy cat lady. Cats freak me out. I’m not a cat person, they scare me. To death. Abby (my seven year old) asked “Are you scared it’s going to eat your expensive curtains?”……my reply ” yes….yes I am”. No cats, ever. If you’re a cat person, no offense by the way. I just can’t deal.

In other news, we’re kind of house hunting. House hunting is a problem for me. Seriously, I’m house hunting even when I’m not looking to move. I’m psycho people. I could look at houses every hour, all day long. I’m obsessed. Well, now that I actually have a legitimate reason to be looking I find I’m somewhat perplexed. Since Casey and I are artists, we both can see past the ugly & see what something actually can be. The issue always comes down to ….money. Is it worth it….is it really worth putting in the blood, sweat, tears, and money to make this thing cool? My answer is always “yes” if the location is good, but Casey keeps me grounded (thank heavens & he also made me watch money pit with Tom Hanks…hilarious/scary). The other issue is we can find the beauty & appreciation for almost all styles of design/architecture. So, normally, I gravitate towards a traditional, southern style home. But recently, especially in the area we are looking (and our budget) there really just aren’t that many. We’ve been finding ourselves gravitating towards…..I never in 1 million years thought I would ever say this….but mid-century homes. I know, I know, they usually are as ugly as sin on the outside. And, it can’t be a mid-century update that’s gone horribly wrong. Such as a 1950’s home that was updated in the 80’s to look …..well 80’s? UM no. It needs to be classic. It can be outdated in the sense that it still has it’s original character, it just needs updating (make sense?) But updating in the best/truest of ways. On the outside, I’ll admit, I think they are seriously ugly. Most of them look like boxes. But one of the benefits I love about them is their light. As someone who thrives off of good light, I love the amount of windows. They’re amazing. I watched a documentary on mid century homes/architects & it was pretty interesting. So….we’ll see. We’ll see what we end up with. It could be move in ready or it could need some work. I’m picky, so anywhere we end up will need something done I’m sure.

P.S. The blog & website are getting a major overhaul…and merging into one. I’m thinking since I’ve not updated my website in um….2 years (yikes!!) it’s easier to just have one place with all our up to date info, photos, etc.


IF only I could be domestic

So, I’m thinking of purchasing an item. It’s domestic. Like Martha. But, I seriously doubt Martha has time for this activity because she’s crazy successful, but I could be wrong. I’m not sure I have time for this activity. The last time I tried this, it was a serious bust. Ladies, I’m talking about ……a sewing machine. My mother in law, is like the most amazing seamstress/smocker (is that word?), and can sew like nobody’s business.

When I first graduated college, got married and moved up here….I took lessons from my mother in law….okay, okay, one lesson because, I was bound and determined to make some stuff and become the domestic goddess only dreams are made of. That dream was short lived. I found that I can not work a sewing machine to save my life. Nope, not gonna happen. Either I ran the fabric through too fast and it was a jumbled mess (so we had to rip out all the stitches) or the exact opposite and I was as slow as molasses and I was going to live the next decade sitting in that chair. There was pretty much no in between. Regardless, now that I’m a little bit more patient (kind of) I think I may give it a go again. You know, so I can make 50 million pillow covers, curtains and everything under the sun that involves sewing, because I have time to do all this (can you hear the sarcasm?).

So, I’ve sat on this previous idea (yes, I wrote those 2 paragraphs like last week- just so y’all know, I blog a lot, I just don’t let anyone read the other 647 drafts because, well, they’re boring/stupid/crazy/have nothing to with anything- #whichsoundslikethispostrightnow)….and I’ve decided no to the sewing machine.  Am I seriously going to sew? no probably not. I like the idea of sewing & making pretty things….but can’t actually visualize myself doing it. So….”sewing- you’re out”…..bathing suit shopping “you’re in!”.

I hope everyone had a beautiful Memorial Day yesterday….in honor of Memorial Day, Casey and I watched the Ken Burns documentary “The War”. I know, we’re totally old now. I cry during that documentary….so I always pretend I need to leave the room to go get something out of the oven (which he knows isn’t true b/c I don’t cook or bake….).  You know, so he doesn’t catch on to me sobbing.

Onto something more uplifting & gorgeous……these two: Hannah & Dave (precious, love them & can’t wait to photograph their wedding!)



Ann Ray - Oh my goodness….these pictures are absolutely adorable! I love reading your blog! You talk about things that I can relate to. Yes, sewing machine is not my favorite toy. I’d just rather go see my friend Macy, Ann Taylor Loft, Dillards….etc! Hope you have a wonderful week and see you soon!


Kim - You had me laughing throughout the post. Your mental conversation was way to close to ones I’ve had with myself in the past. Through the first few paragraphs I was thinking “No, don’t do it! It’s a trap!” But, I am glad you came to the right decision!


Happy Monday guys! I hope y’all had a beautiful weekend. Mine was awesome, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I am editing & organizing my little heart out today so I thought I’d pop in and share a video with you. I must thank my team of artists (Casey & Jason) that made this possible & so beautiful…..enjoy your Monday….


Lauren & Caleb from Lindsey Lissau on Vimeo.


Megan & Brandon

I don’t even know where to start with these two lovelies. Megan is as sweet as pie. Total gorgeousness. Brandon is probably one of the funniest guys EVER (besides my hubs), not too mention he can totally work the camera.  Just wait…you’ll see.

Together, they’re an amazing team & I can’t wait to see what life has in store for them. I adore them & am so grateful to call them friends. As always, too many photographs to post but here’s a peek……


Nancy Collier - Wow! The joy this sweet couple share is expressed in every photo. May God bless their marriage forever. Well done Lindsey and Casey! Love, Mom